Handyman Services

Our insured and professionally licensed Handyman Services give you the peace of mind to know that no matter how large the problem, you have a team to address it quickly and effectively.  We are your one stop solution to keeping your property in tip top shape.

Rooms We Service


We know you might not crawl into your attic to make repairs that’s why we carry ladders and fix whatever you need us to in those hard to reach areas of your home.


The room where you spend the most time.  If you need to fix this room to help you get more sleep you can count on us.


Cobwebs and Damp spaces don’t deter us.  We’ll bring the flashlights to inspect and repair anything that needs work.


You don’t think too much about your bathroom until your toilet is overflowing.  When situation like this occur call us right away!

Decks and Patios

Hosting a dinner party but your railing collapsed?  The outdoor areas of your home take a lot of abuse from the elements – we can fix these.


Garages are often pretty bare bones and rarely require fixing – until your door is stuck in the open position and your nosy neighbor is eyeing your hedge trimmers.

Home Office

Faulty wiring or general repairs in the home office can be a nightmare if you’re working from home and need repairs before your conference call.


Appliances, Plumbing, Electricty – lots of things can break down in here.  We won’t fix your toaster but everything else we have you covered.

Featured Services

Assembly Services

The box says “30 Minutes” but if three hours later you’re probably still only half way done you’ll probably need some help.  Don’t go it alone.  Call us.


Almost anyone can swing a hammer but finding a carpenter to finish the project on time and on budget is our specialty.


Don’t get Zapped!  That frayed wire that you might be able to fix with some duct tape needs a professional.  Let us help.


Indoor and Outdoor – from painting on ladders to indoor molding.  We have the equipment and expertise to get it done fast and clean.


Regularly scheduled maintenance saves you a headache and wallet pain.  With regular maintenance you prevent major projects by taking care of your home on a regular basis.


Clogged Drains, over flowing toilets, are a nuisance, but even worse is a major problem that can cause tremendous water damage.  Be confident that you always have someone on call.


Don’t get Zapped!  That frayed wire that you might be able to fix with some duct tape needs a professional.  Let us help.


Ready for an addition?  Turn the sun room into a winterized room?  We have the team to get it done on time and on budget.

Areas of Expertise


Drop Ceilings, Drywall, Spackle – we can fix and build it all.  We have the equipment and expertise to get it done.


Exterior Doors and Interior Doors – they all get used quite a lot.  Having a team on call is imperative to keeping tenants happy if their doors were to break.


No matter the floor we’ve worked on it.  Don’t let the damage to your floors go unfixed.  Damages to floors open you up to unnecessary liability.  Call the experts to get it fixed Immediately.


Old windows can make heating costs sky rocket.  Let our team winterize your old windows, repair or even replace your home’s windows.