Innovative Property Management

Blue Light Property Services LLC firmly beleives that traditional property management services are not in tune with todays market needs. For this reason, we offer various levels of affordable management services for our clients and a la cart services. We firmly beleive that the more profitable your business becomes, the more profitable our business will become. This sense of partenrship with our clients along with some of our innovative approaches is what makes us stand apart from other property managment companies.

About Blue Light Property Services

A little over ten years ago, our founder, George, bought a seven unit apartment building in Lynn, MA. As a busy professional, he hired a professional management company out of Boston, MA. With each passing month, profits at the property started to diminish, maintenance costs were increasing, bills were slow to be paid and the work being done at the property was subpar. To compound matters, the residents of the building were unhappy and they were becoming less respectful of the building.

Sensing that he could do a better job, George fired the management company and started managing the property on his own. In a short period of time, he was able to appease the residents, increase profits and was able to have repairs and maintenance performed by third parties quicker, cheaper and of better quality than the management company. Feeling empowered, he decided to test his model by buying additional properties for himself and shortly thereafter he started managing properties for family members. Having tested and grown his skills, George set up Blue Light Property Services LLC as an independent company from his real estate holdings.

Our goal is to make sure that our clients do not have the same experience that George had when he first hired a management company. We want to empower our clients so that they can be successful real estate investors and grow their portfolio.

Our Services

Most property managers will manage just about any type of property in any location for the right amount of money. We limit what we manage to residential property located in Lynn, Massachusetts. Why? We know the market, we are local to it and we know we can add value to our clients.

Financial Management

Strong financials are the foundation of real estate investing. We can provide our owners with full financial transparency. Financial management includes:

*Collection of rent – including default services
*Preparation of monthly financial statements and annual tax documents
*Annual operating budget with trend comments

Vendor Management

In addition to our staff members, we have strong relationships with a variety of local vendors, who provide outstanding service to our clients. Vendor management includes:

*Overseeing all accounts payable, like your mortgage, taxes, insurance and utility bills.

*Analyzing current vendor contracts to assure best prices and services

*Review vendor scope and quality of work to make sure you are getting value for your dollar.

*Work with your chosen vendors to make sure that you are benefiting from that relationship.

Maintenance Management

Our maintenance team is available to the owners for all their services needs. Maintenance management includes:

*Regular inspections of the interior and exterior of the property

*Routine repairs and maintenance

*Emergency services available 24/7


We are committed to maintaining quality relationships with our clients through dedicated service and open communication. Administrative services include:

*Monthly statements and reporting to the clients

*Quarterly conference call or meeting to discuss reports, concerns or ways to improve the client’s bottom line.

Construction Management Services

We offer the following construction management services:

Orchestrate building renovations and major improvements; including deleading work.
Supervise and oversee projects from start to finish including permitting, zoning, etc.


We work with This robust property management software allows us to give you and your residents 24/7 access to:

*You can see maintenance requests/ responses, financial documents, leases, rent rolls, communicate with us ect.

*Residents can get a copy of their lease, make payments see payment history, and report maintenance concerns to us.

Rental Service

We work with many local real estate agents and housing authorities. We are generally able to assist you in renting your vacant units quickly and usually without a real estate agent fee.

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